Why use our services

Many clients are doing ok but would like to be doing better and are not sure how to make that leap.  Our seven-step program implements proven systems that increase revenue and overall profitability in an easy to use, systematic way. 

Using our Revenue Growth Program and incorporating all the other operational aspects of your business, we help you to clarify and achieve your business objectives and offer you the choice of hands on coaching or tailored consultancy packages to suit your business needs.

Our greatest asset is being able to take a customer’s challenges and pain points and turn them into profitable opportunities, with a focus on systemising each step to make it even easier to do business and do it successfully.

We are a customer centric service, with a focus not only on you the client but also on your customers.  We provide data led systems and services that enable your business to expand to its full potential and grow your turnover, without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Tamlyn Leitch

Tamlyn Leitch

Owner & Director

I started working in the Hospitality industry 20 years ago and have experience in many different departments including Front Office, Housekeeping, Reservations and Revenue.

My background in all the operational departments prepared me for the move into Revenue Management and showed me very clearly that Revenue Management is not a stand-alone function.

The most successful companies incorporate all departments, including them in all the Revenue Management planning and implementation.